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Wide Range Of Mixers & Customized Solutions

The size of our Planetary Mixers ranges from 10 to 4000 litres of compacted concrete output, covering every possible need from small laboratory mixers to the largest production plants. The excellent performance of SICOMA-OMG Planetary Mixers are recognized in several application fields: readymix concrete, production of prestressed / precast elements, block and pavers, concrete pipes, dry mortar mix, but also in different sectors such as glass, refractory materials for foundries and chemical products.Depending on the type of application, the mixers can be equipped with several accessories and options to optimize their productivity, mixing quality and life expectancy. Whenever necessary, we work with our customers in the development of new solutions that best suit their specific needs.

Quality System:

The Manufacturing Procedures used for all SICOMA Mixers have been compliant with the Quality Requirements of ISO 9001 since 1995 and have been updated and approved by CERMET since 2009 as compliant to ISO 9001:2008.


Mixing Arms

ICOMA’s mixing action starts with the arms, which are responsible for most of the mixing, from top to bottom. Three cast iron arms per star, two stars starting fromMP 1875/1250 and three stars for MP 4500/3000 and MP6000/4000. Together with two hardened steel scraping arms they are the best for toughness plus abrasion resistance. Adjustment slots allow easy blade adjustment to compensate for wear.

Mixing Blades

Complete the mixing action and give fast discharge. Cast from Ni-hard iron, 550 HB minimum, for extreme wear resistance. Outer edges are thickened to equalize wear and the angle of attack is optimized to push, not slice, to maximize both mixing and blade life.


Linear Plates

15 mm Ni-hard cast iron tiles give many times the life of abrasion resistant steel liner plates, reducing lifetime cost. Bolted assembly makes replacement a simple task; in addition, the wall plates are reversible to increase life even further. Additionally, tight fabrication tolerances mean that blades can be adjusted close to walls and floor for perfect clean out between batches, ensuring the best performance on coloured products.



Gear Box

With 70 years of mechanical experience, Sicoma has created a gearbox virtually indestructible. The huge double horizontal design is strong and shock resistant. The wide horizontal oil bath is cool running and gives every gear optimum lubrication. It is good for life and carries a 5 year, 10,000 hour warranty.



Junction Box

All connections, including motor 3-phase power as well as solenoid valves and switches, are available in one easy access junction box.



Hydraulic Power Pack

Providing plenty of capacity to operate doors reliably in even the largest mixer. Manual lever allows the door dual use, to be opened during power loss and to be closed right after.



Up to four swing-out sector doors running in rubber seals are completely watertight, non-jamming and low in maintenance, further reducing lifetime cost. Larger models are hydraulically powered while small models have choice of pneumatic or manual operation.



Half-Moon Cover

Widest opening of any, to give faster cleanup and adjustment of wear parts while making the process safer all round. One, two or three-part depending on mixer size. Single piece cover with hydraulic lift for easiest access is optional in largest models.

Download Characteristics Table

(*) In order to identify the productivity of the mixer, two parameters must be taken into consideration: 

1. Maximum Weight of the Mix, on the basis of the usual specific weight of concrete (150 lb/ft3 or 2400 kg/m3). 2. Maximum Volume occupied by all batch components charged into the mixer, not exceeding the Dry Filling Capacity. For more information about productivity and accessories, please contact our Sales Department. All technical data are subject to change without notice due to technical improvement. Values indicated are not applicable in all applications and conditions and are subject to variations depending on the use and quantity of the product.


All technical data are subject to change without notice due to technical improvement.
Values indicated are not applicable in all applications and conditions and are subject to variations depending on the use and quantity of the product.

Download Planetary Mixer Brochure