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The HTS 042-001-01 system is an electronic device based on a micro controller which allows to monitor the MAO mixer. Its function is to help with the running and the maintenance of the mixer. This device signals possible errors/anomalies which might occur during working in order to make intervention easier. When the system acknowledges a problem, it signals it at the same time in three different ways:

warning lights which are integrated in the graphics;
message displayed on LCD;
binary error codes on micro relay which give the possibility to transfer, by means of special cabling, this information to a remote control console.
The HTS 042-001-01 system has furthermore two meters by which the working hours and the production cycles of the mixer are monitored. This information allows the system to run a memorandum which signals the necessity of any kind of servicing.

The internal memory allows a constant recording of the work done by the mixer. This system has furthermore two USB ports which allow the connection of memory devices (such as USD memory sticks) and the connection to a Personal Computer.



In order to monitor the parameters using the black box, the mixer must be equipped with the Electric Panel which is also useful for the manual operation: Start/Stop of the mixer motors, Open/Close Discharge Door and Emergency Stop. This Electric Panel can also operate the Low Motion Drive, if present.


This unique option for SICOMA Twin Shaft Mixers was developed over the last years to make any maintenance to the shaft supports easier and faster . The full drive assembly (Motor, Pulleys and Gearbox) is hinged to the side of the mixer tank and it can be swung out easily without the need of cranes or any lifting device. The downtime for the plant is minimised, resulting in a extremely low maintenance cost.

All JANUS models (i.e. Twin Shaft Mixers with Four Motors) are supplied with the Swing Out Drives as a standard.



When the mixer is supplied with the Swing Out Drives option (SWOD), we recommend to add the Low Motion Drive option. With this auxiliary motor, the shafts can be rotated at low speed and safely with the inspection doors opened. The cleaning as well as the regular maintenance (such as the periodic adjustment of the blades) are simplified and faster.

Skip for Aggregates Loading, with two drums operated by the same shaft, anti free-fall device under the skip, normal speed of 15 mt/min (double speed is available as an extra), set of three limit switches for the normal operation (Top, Stand-by, Bottom position) and Three limit switches for emergency (2 for slack cable and 1 for top over-run). For the Maximum Load Capacity in terms of Volume and Weight, refer to the following table. The standard slope of the skip rails is 60°, but in case the general layout of the plant needs a different angle, the slope can vary from 55° to 70°.


Three positions are available for the skip hoist: Left Side, Right Side or Opposite Motor Side. Please refer to our Order Definition Form for more details.




this option allows the skip to move down at 30 mt/min instead of 15 mt/min. After the discharge, for the whole run, the skip can move down at 30mt/min until it stops at the bottom position.


this option allows the skip to move up and down at 30 mt/min. When moving up, the skip starts at Low Speed (15mt/min). After two seconds it can be switched to the High Speed (30mt/min) until it reaches the Stand By Limit Switch, where it must be switched back to the Low Speed. The discharge of the skip must be done at Low Speed. After the discharge, for the whole run, the skip can move down at 30mt/min until it stops at the bottom position.