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The Manufacturing Procedures used for all SICOMA Mixers have been compliant with the Quality Requirements of ISO 9001 since 1995 and have been updated and approved by CERMET since 2009 as compliant to ISO 9001:2008.


The mixer tank is lined with Ni-Hard Cast Iron of 530HB minimum hardness. The mixing arms, with a low profile to avoid material build up, are made in Spheroidal Cast Iron. The mixing blades are made in Ni-Hard Cast Iron of 530HB minimum hardness. The large number of blades, their position and their orientation guarantee the right combination between the effects of rolling and circulation of the material during the mixing action.




The stiffened frame of the tank eliminates the risk of deformation during the transport (also in container) as well as during the full load operation and guarantees the correct planarity of the shafts’ seals. The metal frame for aggregates hopper and the scales can be laid right on the mixer without additional supports.




The gearboxes of the mixing group are epicyclical type. The first reduction is carried out by a pulley transmission equipped with a constant-velocity universal joint to keep the shafts synchronized. The low input speed to the gearboxes allows the lubrication oil to work at low thermal load. The connection between the gearbox and the tank is made with the exclusive bell housing. This unique feature gives a better rigidity to the assembly and it makes the possible maintenance of the shaft supports (bearings and seals) extremely easy.



The inspection platform with stairs, included in the supply, is absolutely necessary for the safe inspection and maintenance of the mixer. Its effective modular design allows the installation to be extremely easy without the need of any crane or winch.




The closing of the door is guaranteed by the pressure sensor included in the hydraulic circuit. In case of failure or blackout, a manual pump can be operated for the emergency discharge and closure.




The discharge door has a rubber seal that runs along its full perimeter. The eccentric rotation of the door sector guarantees that the rubber seal is always reached and compressed despite its wear and tear.



The modular support patented by SICOMA is made with two separate housings. The bearing is lubricated in long lasting oil bath. The seal, based on the exclusive system of the counter-rotating disks, is lubricated with liquid grease under controlled pressure.



The grease needed by the seal to keep the counter-rotating disks lubricated, is provided by temporized pump to the progressive dispenser which uniformly distributes the necessary quantity of grease (6 g/h) to each seal.

A high efficiency filter removes possible impurities when the grease tank is refilled through its proper connector.



The mixer is equipped with several sensors: thermal sensors for the motors and for the gearboxes, level gauges for the oil of the geaboxes and for the hydraulic power pack, level and pressure sensors for the automatic lubrication system. Upon request, Sicoma can supply the Black Box, an electronic system that records type, number and duration of possible anomalies and alarms during the operation of the mixer. The same device can be programmed for the preventive maintenance.



The high top cover (500mm) is equipped with two hinged hatches and does not have any post. It allows an easy access to the mixer for an accurate cleaning at the end of the shift or for both preventive and unscheduled maintenance resulting in a shorter shutdown of the plant.



All MAO mixers are supplied with the following standard accessories:

liner Plates and Mixing Blades in Ni-Hard Cast Iron; Mixing Arms in Cast Iron, bolted to the shafts; high Top Cover with Inspection Hatches and Ports Inspection Platform with stairs; wiring of all auxiliary devices to a IP55 Junction Box; alarm Box with related sensors and probes; automatic Grease Lubrication System with electric pump and sequential distributor; wrench kit for the mixer maintenance; safety Key Transfer Lock for accident prevention.



The mixers MAO can be equipped with the following accessories upon request: Discharge Chute; Dust Collector Bag (Airbag); Double speed for the skip ascent and descent; Pre-assembled Feeding system with aggregates holding hopper, cement scale, water scale, complete with the holding frame laying on the four sides of the mixer tank; Special customization for dams and large RCC projects.